The big summer update ☀️

Thanks to the latest summer update your tournaments look better than ever! Working your way towards the finals now happens with beautiful brackets - completely redesigned for small and big screens. The new slideshow design makes your tournaments stand out. And teams will see their upcoming matches and events at a glance on the refreshed My Team page.

Dynamic brackets for every screen

The knockout is undoubtedly the most exciting form of competition. From now on, working towards the final will be done in a way that suits it, with beautiful brackets that have been completely redesigned for small and large screens. On your phone, you simply swipe between rounds, where the matches immediately expand or collapse. Looking on your computer or at a television screen? Then the bracket automatically adjusts based on the active game round.

Slides in every shape and size

With the new slideshow design, your tournament will stand out even better and the information will be more clearly visible. Among others, you can now set the font size yourself and adjust the width of the shown elements. There are also new slides available, like for the upcoming matches and latest results. The ranking - which is updated realtime during the tournament - has been further improved and can be shown on the public website and slideshow.

The most important information first

On the renewed My Team page, teams can immediately see their next match, duty or event. Switching between the schedule and the standings is done via handy tabs.

Have your say in the development of new Tournify features. Go to and request a feature yourself or comment on vote on features submitted by others.

Other improvements

In addition to the mentioned updates, we have made the following improvements:

  • The game schedule and the ranking of a pool can be added to slides separately.
  • Pools and brackets can be added multiple times to different slides. A green check mark shows which elements have already been added to a slide.
  • You can add multiple text blocks or images to one slide.
  • Brackets of 32 and 64 can now also be added to the slideshow, with separate elements for the match lists of the 1 / 16th and 1 / 32nd finals and the last 16.
  • You can add your own title to each slide.
  • You can add a title to a text block on a slide.
  • Elements within a slide can easily be rearranged in order.
  • You can now choose whether you want to show the tournament name (and logo) on the slideshow or not. The date of the tournament is no longer shown.
  • The default background of the public website and slideshow has been changed.
  • On the slide show, a progress bar will run below the current time to indicate how long the current slide will be on screen.
  • On the 'tournament information page' of the public website you will now also see the 'Register' button, if you use the registration page.
  • Teams, divisions and locations are now shown in fixed columns of equal width on the public website
  • Player stats are now automatically sorted by the first column, even if you are not tracking goal scorers.
  • With new tournaments, the tournament schedule is better saved so that the public website works more efficiently.
  • Referees are now also shown in the brackets.
  • You can now add the dressing room layout per division to the slideshow.
  • Images can only be added to a slide if you have a World Class or Legendary package.
  • Changing the tournament name is now better.
  • If you use the registration page, you can now enter the e-mail address per tournament where you may wish to receive a copy of the registration. Previously, it was always sent to the email address of the account.
  • Added a feature where you get a notification in the app when a new version is available.
  • At the start of the next phase you can only choose teams from the same division, if you want to change the division manually.
  • Fixed an issue where the score was not calculated correctly when the final score was tied, with a double encounter and mutual result as decision criteria.


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